Typing Services Brisbane

Typing Services Brisbane

OneSource is available immediately to support you with fast and accurate typing services in Brisbane and Australia-wide.

My specialty is:

  • Word processing and formatting documents of various types

  • Copy typing contracts and agreements

  • Reformatting office manuals and business plans

  • Handwritten to typed document service

  • Audio to typed document service

  • Medical typed documents

  • Legal typed documents

  • Creation of MS Excel spreadsheet charts, diagrams and graphs formatted into visual MS PowerPoint presentations

OneSource offers you a highly accurate and speedy typing service, with an exceptional understanding of legal, medical, technical and industry terminology. I have an articulate attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation which goes beyond simple spell checks, assuring you have a cohesive document.


My typing service is backed by extensive experience at an executive support level in a variety of industries for over 20 years.

Complicated and messy typing jobs will not deter me. I am qualified and well prepared for piecing together your information to present you with a final, professionally typed report, paper or presentation.

What I offer

I am your extended team member, only when you need me, and for a fraction of the cost of an employee.

I maintain my own professional development at no cost to you, so that I can better support you.

My typing service is based in Brisbane but offers typing support Australia wide.

Your confidentiality and personal information is secure.  I will provide you a confidentiality agreement and will never outsource your work to third parties. 

3 ways I make absolutely sure you are satisfied

STEP 1: You brief me on the scope of work you need and the timeframe for completion by filling out the enquiry form.  Yes, I do deadlines. 

STEP 2: You send me the document by scanning, uploading it to a cloud service such as Dropbox or posting the original to me.  I quote you based on the amount of words or pages and turnaround time depending on your work requirements and budget.  Yes, I am very flexible and will never eye-roll.

STEP 3: Your document is typed then reviewed for any errors before it is returned to you.  Any small changes to the original document will be done FREE of charge.  Any extensive changes requested by you will be charged at an additional rate.  Yes, I work within your budget.

How I work with you

I communicate your project’s progress with you either daily, weekly or at your request. I achieve this by phone call, SMS or emailing a progress report. It is your choice.


I will offer you a FREE edit round after I have thoroughly checked the quality and accuracy of my work and you have had the opportunity to clarify any words (if any) I was unable to decipher before submitting my final draft.

I do this to be absolutely sure I am delivering what you asked for and expect of me.

I am a motivated perfectionist by nature and I do this on my own time.