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OneSource is a transcription service which supports you with expertise in audio transcripts.  I have the capability to transcribe any audio or video file for any industry, with exceptional skills in the medical and legal fields. Your accurately transcribed document is delivered to you promptly for your final approval, in a format suited to your requirements and according to your deadline.

OneSource specialises in transcribing:


  • Interviews for medical negligence and/or personal injury legal cases

  • Minutes of city council, union, government, trustee and body corporate meetings

  • Interviews for student assignments, theses or doctoral dissertations

  • Workers compensation statements for private investigators

  • Focus groups, conferences and team meetings with multiple speaking voices 

  • Face to face or telephone interviews for journalists and writers

  • Personal recordings of clear and concise telephone calls

  • Interviews with family members for memoirs, novels, or diaries

  • Transcripts for television and radio programmes

OneSource offers fast and reliable transcription services in Brisbane and across Australia. 

The way my transcription service works for you:


  1. We work together to ensure your scope, cost and time constraints are met.

  2. I listen to your recorded dictations to interpret and transcribe them. 

  3. Your audio transcription is prepared in a format or template of your choice provided it is within my software constraints.

  4. I review transcription drafts on completion, and edit for accuracy and consistency.

  5. I identify and correct any inconsistencies, errors and omissions.

  6. You are presented with the document, assured that, no matter how lengthy your document is, it has already been thoroughly checked by me.

  7. I strictly adhere to my confidentiality and privacy policy putting your mind at ease. 

What I offer

I am your extended team member, only when you need me, and for a fraction of the cost of an employee.

I maintain my own professional development at no cost to you, so that I can better support you.

My court transcription service is based in Brisbane but offers transcription services Australia wide.

Your confidentiality and personal information is secure. I provide you a confidentiality agreement and will never outsource your work to third parties. 

3 ways I make absolutely sure you are satisfied

STEP 1: You brief me on the scope of work you need and the timeframe for completion by filling out the enquiry form. Yes, I do deadlines. 

STEP 2: I quote you based on the content type, audio quality and turnaround time either by audio minute or an hourly rate depending on your work requirements and budget. Yes, I am very flexible and will never eye-roll.

STEP 3: Your audio is transcribed and reviewed for any errors before it is returned to you.  Any small changes to the original document will be done FREE of charge.  Any extensive changes requested by you will be charged at an additional rate.  Yes, I work within your budget.

How I work with you

I communicate your project’s progress with you either daily, weekly or at your request. I achieve this by phone call, SMS or emailing a progress report. It is your choice.


I do this so I am absolutely sure I am delivering what you asked for.

I will send you a draft of the work so I can ensure I am on the right track and meeting your every need.

After I thoroughly check the quality and accuracy of my work, I submit the final document to you. 

I am a motivated perfectionist by nature and I do this on my own time.