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There are a hundred different reasons to need a transcription typist. The most important part is finding a high quality candidate, but how do you find one? You can scroll the job forums and post a job, but you are going to waste time and energy. The best option is to reach out to OneSource Services.

At OneSource Services, I provide high quality transcription services among other services. The difference with OneSource Services is I am a virtual contractor. That means that I don’t take up space in your office nor your payroll. The result is a less expensive and stress-free way to get a transcription typist.

You hire my services on a per-project basis, and my only focus is your projects. Unlike traditional employees, you don’t have to worry about finding various projects to keep me busy in the meantime. When the project is done, you don’t pay me anymore until the next project comes up. It’s that easy.

The benefit of this is it saves your company a lot of money. You’re not paying for an in-house employee that requires benefits and paid time off. Additionally, I’ve found that a lot of traditional employees are unmotivated and unqualified to be a transcription typist.

I’ve been providing my services for 12 years now, and I know how to get the job done. I am hardworking, qualified, and I provide high quality work. You will be pleasantly surprised when you work with OneSource Services.

You can learn more about OneSource Services by visiting me online. There, you can see a list of my services, find out how I can help you, and understand how I’ll save you money. To start the conversation you can call me or email me. I look forward to providing my high quality transcription services to you.

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